How to avoid EMI Disease smartly?

emi disease

 In this unique article on Instant Gratification, we discussed how we could avoid getting into deals and avoid spending money irrationally. Giving yourself a bracket of 48 hrs before making a huge purchase, continues to be one of the biggest money management tips.…

Effective Financial Goal Setting for Better Tomorrow

goal setting

Sometimes when you talk to some people who are struggling to make any significant progress in their financial turf or someone who’s facing financial hardship, you realize that there are two things that are quite common among them. First of all, they do…

Instant Gratification: Understand its Effect on Your Financial Life

financial life

His or her interests and hobbies define an individual’s personality. Same way the financial well-being of an individual is also defined by the personal financial life and habits. We are currently living in the world of “Instant”. If we see anything that we…

When the Disease Named EMI Takes Over Your Life!

EMI is a diseases

  Everyone in this world is different from others. Some have bigger houses or bigger cars but comparing your life with others is always a losing proportion because there will always be people who “appear” to be better off than you. But that…

Personal Finance Training Program (Info Graphics)


Thank You for your interest in Sure Zindagi’s  Personal Finance Training through Info Graphics offer.We hope you have a great time learning about Money, Money Management, Importance of Life Insurance, PPF Accounts, EPF Accounts and Retirement Planning.  Your File is Ready for Download…

Is Life Insurance a Compulsion or a Necessary Investment?

life insurance is a compulsion

A lot of people ask if it is necessary to get a life insurance? What if they don’t want to? Is there any compulsion to get a life insurance. The answer is very simple not everyone needs to apply for life insurance. But…

Perks of Saving 10% of Your Salary

live with 90% of your salary

The first week of every month that decides how we are going to spend the rest of our month, isn’t it? It’s that anticipated week when we all wait for our salaries. Let’s ask ourselves for a moment what will happen if there…

Common Financial Mistakes Everyone Makes

common financial mistakes

Financial planning is nothing more than proper management of resources at hand for a better and a prosperous future. One can take slow and steady steps and yet become a millionaire whereas someone can move fast, break things and end up with nothing.…

Even after a Rate Cut: EPF Continues to be the best Investment Tool

employee provident fund

As published in The Hindu, reduction of interest rate on Employee Provident Fund for this year is lowest return in last seven years. The Central Board of Trustees for Employees’ Provident Fund has recommended reducing interest rates from 8.8% in 2015-16 to 8.65%…

Budget 2017: Things taxpayers can expect  

budget 2017

Financial Minister Arun Jaitely has read out two fiscal budgets since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. The two fiscal budgets announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely had benefits for poor, entrepreneurs, business class and small business owners but nothing concrete…

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