Retirement Planning: Here’s how to do it right!

retirement planning

  Long before retirement, an individual needs to carefully map out his or her plans for ensuring a secure retirement. The growing financial pressure on retirement system worldwide is forcing individuals to change the way he or she think about and plan for…

Purchasing Life Insurance? Know these things first!

purchasing life insurance

 If People Understood What Purchasing Life Insurance Does. We Wouldn’t Need Life Insurance Adviser’s To Tell Them. People Would Come Knocking On The Door But They Don’t Understand!    Purchasing Life Insurance is not a want but a need. It is impossible to…

Congrats LIC on completing 60 years of service


Sure Zindagi wishes everyone associated with LIC a very warm anniversary. We at Sure Zindagi have always tried to help people manage their money really well while LIC has provided people with the requisite peace of mind. LIC is India’s number one Insurance…

Six Financial Steps That Will Pay Off Big Later

Financial Steps

Starting to save money with which you could have had a night full of debauchery is tough and requires will power. Starting to save money can be tricky but once you get used to the idea, you are going to enjoy requisite peace…



It is true that life is unfair but what is fair that it is unfair to everyone. God never chooses a favorite personnel and provides him or her with all the wealth and health. One needs to work hard, cease opportunities, and make…

10 Financial Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years  

Financial Choices

  Once you are past 22, you will have to start taking a lot of decisions. You simply cannot take things the way they come to you. You will have to prioritize things and you will have to be really selective. Acquiring something…

10 things every 20 something should know about money

pablo (3)

  The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago the second best is NOW!   Money needs time to grow; you need to be patient and determined enough to not touch invested money in order to let it grow. We…

Money Management Quotes to Crack You Up!


Managing money is an art and not everyone can master this art. Mastering art of making money work for you requires passion, patience, intellect and hard work. Money grows when you allow it to. Putting money into bank or using it for buying…

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